4 Tips For Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Even the most sparsely furnished room has an exotic decorative element thanks to Oriental rugs. The addition of an Oriental rug can instantly transform a room where there are several pieces of furniture in it, but not much more. Although there are no strict, quick rules as to how a room should be decorated with Oriental rugs, the mismatch between textures and fabrics can result in an architectural clash that could lead to disharmony rather than harmony.

Tip #1: Is The Rug The Focal Point Of The Room?

There are no rules on what size and color of rug to choose, so long as you want an area rug in a central part of the room that will also take care of everything around it. But a smaller sized rug, which blends in well with the current décor, would have been more suitable for you if you wanted to add an accent piece.

Tip #2: Think About What You Want To Focus On In The Room

When it comes to the purchase of an Oriental rug in your living room, this is especially relevant. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire a stunning Oriental rug of any size you would like and make it your center of attention, while this room remains unfinished. And around those colors and patterns of the rug, you can choose your furniture, drapes or other accessories. .

If your room is already fully furnished, take into consideration the existing colors and styles around the room and choose a rug accordingly, unless you are planning on re-doing the room completely.

Tip #3: How To Use Multiple Rugs In The Living Room

If a large living room is not enclosed, it can seem very impersonal and cold. It may seem like a great solution to use an Oriental rug, but depending on the rest of your furniture, you can completely dominate that area with one large rug.

Using multiple living room rugs is a good way of making it appear more sophisticated and personal when you have an extremely large living room. You will, however, not be able to achieve this goal simply by placing multiple rugs in random places around the room.

Instead, look in the room and imagine what it will be used for. Are there any things you’d like to preserve as a focus of the room?

Maybe a charming fireplace or an antique mantelpiece? To add to these spaces in a way that does not overwhelm them, consider the use of an Oriental carpet. Let’s take a look at what shape and color the rug would complement this area.

Determine how much area of rug you can fit perfectly into these spaces without being too large or too small.


Consider The Shape And Color Of The Rug When Placing Multiple Rugs In A Room.

Tip #4: Using Multiple Rugs In The Bed Room

What’s your favorite way to decorate the bedroom with rugs? Do you prefer runner rugs on the sides of the bed or one large rug covering the entire room?

You can also add a touch of character and colour to your bedroom with an Oriental rug. In the bedroom you can use one large rug, or put rugs of Oriental origin. On each side of the bed, you could place a pair of longer, rectangular running rugs and one in front of the bed.

The first thing you must do is measure the space so that you are able to find a proper size of rug, whatever room you plan on buying an Oriental rug for.


How Decorating With Persian Rugs Create A Sense Of Harmony And Anchorage

There are distinctive features and functions in every room. There are also differences in the layout and furniture of each room. The different parts of the room can look and behave differently without a rug, if they don’t have any resemblances in appearance or function. The dynamics of this room can be changed by a Persian rug. It’s connecting all these elements into the room, giving it a sense of comfort, warmth and harmony.

You must make sure that the living room sofa and dining chairs are fully seated on the rug in order to feel like you’re anchored. This will prevent furniture from falling apart because the front and back legs are different heights, so you can sit with it without feeling unsteady.

Decorating with Persian rugs is surprisingly easy. With such a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, it will be easy for you to find the right rugs that can make your design ideas come true.


Does Pattern Mixing Works When Decorating With Persian Rugs

Absolutely! When decorating with Persian rugs, mixing patterns is a great idea. Persian rugs are a unique form of art by themselves, but mixing and matching patterns and colors allows you to make your own distinctive mark on the layout so that you can present yourself in an artistic way. Mixing patterns though are not something that can be done with an impulsive attitude, in contrast to many aspects of decorating. You’ll need to be careful about your choice of patterns, so you can make the effect that you want.

Mixing patterns haphazardly can result in a chaotic look that is not as harmonious or relaxing as you would want it to be.


Keep these tips in mind for mixing patterns when decorating with Persian rugs:


In the same color family, you can find a variety of patterns. Common colors serve as a unifying factor that links up both rugs when you combine them with various patterns. When a different pattern is used in mixed colors, you must be very careful.

You may also see an interesting effect by using a variety of patterns in contrasting colors, but be careful to choose the option that you prefer. Choose one of these accessories, such as throw pillows that blend in with the rug. Too many different patterns and colors can create an overwhelming, chaotic effect.

It is necessary to combine classic patterns with each other. An array of traditional patterns are associated with each other in Persian rugs. For example, the botanical and animal patterns tend to complement each other quite well; rugs with a wide variety of tribal geometrics are good companions.

  • In order to mitigate the overall effect, use neutrals. It is good to keep the other elements in balance when using Persian rugs with a wide variety of colors and patterns. For example, neutral colored walls will allow the heavily designed Persian rug to shine while toning down its overall effect.
  • Pay special attention to the scale of patterns on the rugs you’re combining. Some rugs have huge motifs, while others have medium-sized motifs and still others have tiny motifs. When decorating with Persian rugs, varying the scale can creates a subtle ebb and flow sensation that energizes the room and brings it to life.



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